ZipGrow Vertical Tower Systems

   Urbaform is proud to partner with Bright Agrotech to provide their ground breaking ZipGrow Tower Systems.  We have a separate website devoted to this technology located here or your can simply enter into your browser.

The ZipGrow Spring system is a new design that was recently developed through a Kickstarter project that was
fully funded, actually significantly overfunded.  The new Spring system allows for the first time a unique plug and play vertical vegetative growing system for a single tower.  

This development is key to a new paradigm for Community Supported Agriculture or CSA program.  The new CSA model will revolve around delivering towers of living vegetables that will remain fresh in the home or end user location until harvested for use.  

Interestingly, this technology will also enable point of sale/use systems in restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets and anywhere that needs fresh and wholesome produce. 

This empowering technology will deliver uncompromised freshness and nutrition without refrigeration or spoilage, as the crop is delivered and maintained in a growing state and can maintain this for an extended period by simply plugging in the pump to provide irrigation to the crops that are grown in the system.  

The system will also enable different herbs and vegetables to be grown and consumed by simply replanting the tower or replacing the unit from a centralized growing location.

Pictured on the left is a multiple tower point of sale unit that provides fresh produce to enable harvest to table freshness.  By allowing consumers to purcahse just what they need and supplying the freshest produce available, the ZipGrow Vertical Growing Systems create a new paradigm for the definition of "fresh" and ensure the most potent nutritional value available in the market today ...

Treating Light as a resource ...

We believe the ZipGrow System is a breakthrough technology for the vertical growing space, the system is based on a single sided growing configuration that seems counter intuitive at first but can be explained by this video ...

Why do we grow on only one side ???

The ZipGrow tower system is superior to other towers that have plants growing completely around them.  The results obtained from actual production provide metrics to prove out this efficiency.  Remember this key element regarding the amount of light being depleted on the bottom rear section in a single sided tower (ZipGrow) vs a tower arrrangement  ... 

Light is treated as a resource to be conserved ... that is the heart of the design.  To obtain more information go to our dedicated ZipGrow website.