GEOCHEM Remediation

GEOCHEM Remediation ("GEOCHEM") has patented an innovative product for the cost-effective, environmentally sound treatment of acidic water and/or soil contaminated with arsenic and other toxic heavy metals. Our solutions are permanent, inexpensive, non-hazardous, and simple.

GEOCHEM's patented technology, called GeoBindâ„¢, removes arsenic from water. It also removes radium, uranium, chromium, mercury, and manganese. GeoBindâ„¢ is inert and non-hazardous both before and after use. Spent GeoBindâ„¢ material is disposed as a non-hazardous waste. Customers, regulators, engineers, and scientists have agreed that GeoBindâ„¢ can:

  • Remove arsenic from water, including drinking water
  • Remediate coal-fired power stations, mining sites, and other industrial sites contaminated with heavy metals
  • Improve the safety of existing and future nuclear power stations
  • Revegetate brownfield sites contaminated with heavy metals

What Separates Us From the Competition

GEOCHEM has intellectual property, customers, and an industry-recognized team uniquely capable of exploiting this technology.

  • Our team has established markets in removal of toxic metals such as arsenic, mercury, and radium from water and treatment of metal-laden soils and solids including mine tailings.
  • We are the only manufacturers of Activated Red Mud in the world, and can supply world-wide product needs from our U.S. manufacturing facility.
  • We have obtained EPA and state approvals for manufacturing and distribution of our mineral-based product, developed a business model for and secured customers in North America and the Far East, and secured sources of supply.
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