What is Aquaponics?
A great short video by our partner Nate Storey from Bright Agrotech explaining the basics of aquaponics technology ....

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Towers in Commercial Aquaponic Systems
For commercial aquaponic producers, there is not a more efficient or productive way to grow crops than in ZipGrow tower systems. Most aquaponic producers utilize rafts for production, but rafts are not productive enough per square foot to make production in greenhouses economically feasible. 

ZipGrow towers typically produce 3-4 times more per square foot than traditional raft production methods. This is due to the light conservation aspects of the tower design as well as the modular aspects of the tower design that can utilize conveyor production techniques to maximize crop yield. By spacing ZipGrow Towers in rows you can not only maximize crop density but also use light more efficiently than any other tower system on the market, guaranteed.

Aquaponic System Tour in Winter ....

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