About Us

Urbaform Technologies is a Technology Integrator & Innovator whose mission is to transform the urban environment by enabling Urban Agriculture 2.0 ...

By utilizing technologies unique to this space, Urbaform Technologies will create food production within the urban environment by utilizing spaces unused or disused by present occupants.  By creating new sources of food, this solution will allow for better food security and sustainability to a global market that now has more than 50% of its population residing in cities.  Because our technology is the only soil based system, we will provide nutritious foods that taste better and can help in fighting the health crisis that is looming large on our society. In addition, our system is a valuable generator or truly green urban agricultural jobs for the swelling urban workforce.

Company history:
Urbaform Technologies was formed when Alan Yoshioka, the President of GLT Innovations and the Chief Technology Officer of Green Living Technologies decided to create a new company to further the concept of an Urban Food Factory and dedicated to edibles research and development.  

As Managing Director of Urbaform Technologies he has created this new entity to fulfill the dreams and visions of providing fresh and nutritious food to urban environments in a sustainable and scaleable manner.  The Urbaform Food Factory can transform any space, indoors or out, into a food production site with the promise of zero miles and maximum freshness & nutrition given by our "harvest to table" food delivery system.
Urbaform is constantly created integrated solutions by taking the best new technologies and integrating them within novel designs and configurations to deliver our vision of urban food production.

Management Team:

Neil Bardach, CEO
Neil has a 30+year career as the CFO of public companies in the manufacturing and service sectors with annual sales ranging from $400 million to $1 billion.  He moved from the public company environment to serve as CEO/COO of start-ups in such varied industries as medical device manufacturing, mobile advertising, and digital media development.  He had most recently served as founder and CEO of GEOCHEM Remediation, a manufacturer of patented mineral products for the treatment of heavy metal contamination in water and soil.

During his career, Neil has guided the growth of two start-ups from the pre-revenue stage to $4 million in annual sales.  He has directed numerous acquisitions and divestitures; raised more than $1 billion in public and private financing; and managed complex tax transactions. Neil specializes in developing operational and financial teams for companies in transition and for stable companies seeking fresh leadership.

After his service as an officer in the United States Army, Neil began his career as an Audit Manager in the Indianapolis office of Coopers & Lybrand, now PriceWaterhouse Coopers.  He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Utah and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Financial Administration 
from Michigan State University.

Alan Yoshioka, CTO & Founder
Alan has spent the last decade designing and integrating novel technology solutions to environmental and food production problems.  Utilizing his background in science and finance, he has headed up startups in this area.  Most recently serving as the President & CTO of GLT Innovations dealing with the production of food in a novel context. While in that position, Alan realized the significance of urban food production and the potential of the technologies now being introduced by Urbaform Technologies.

After graduating with a Masters in Physics, Alan embarked on a career that encompassed education (both as a teacher and administrator), sales, and finance (as broker, portfolio manager, branch manager and Sr VP).  While working in the financial field, Alan worked with early efforts to utilize Artificial Intelligence in stock trading.  He worked on the Advisory Board (AIQ Systems) of one of the first widely available computerized AI trading 
systems in the market. 
Keep an eye on this space for significant announcements in the near future ...